Folgosa do Douro - Armamar
5110 - 214 Armamar

GPS.:41.145791, -7.687666

T. +351 254 858 241 - F. +351 254 855 394


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  • Wine Tourism

    Contact details for booking:
    +351 910 12 91 12 (portuguese mobil line call)
    +351 254 85 10 42 (portuguese landline call)
    Pre-booking is mandatory
    N.B.: Tours are conducted in Portuguese and English. Visits are only valid after confirmation.

    Lovers of the Upper Douro winemaking region, on deciding to visit the Quinta dos Frades estate, will find it contemplative, enchanted by the waters of its very own Douro River.

    A centenary estate that will tell you the story of a family, the Delfim Ferreiras, who were so in love with the wine culture and the vineyards of the Douro region.

    You will be able to visit a series of delightful spots:
    The mansion-house with its beautifully cared for gardens, the Tea House, the tranquility of the vineyards, the wine cellar and the wines, whose heady sounds and palates you will be able to try for yourself.

    The vines, planted at an altitude of between 50 and 250 metres, the youngest of which are around 30, and the oldest over 90 years old, exposed to the sun from both the east and west, provide our wines, produced from the best varieties, with a wide range of aromas, flavours and structures, thereby guaranteeing the unique nature of Quinta dos Frades. And we want you to bear witness to this unique nature.

    The vast heritage of sensations, which talk of the know-how accrued by their ancestors and successors, who made and make Quinta dos Frades wines, a singular example of passion and tradition, will provide each visitor with the opportunity to be part of their history.


    Latest news and prizes

    Comendador Delfim Ferreira
    Douro Grande Reserva tinto 2011
    – Best of Portugal of the Douro region award of 2016, attributed by the magazine Revista de Vinhos

    Diploma distinguishing Quinta dos Frades for its visionary project, attributed by SIBAB in 2016.